Rustic Sourdough Minis (half dozen)

Rustic Sourdough Minis (half dozen)

Red Branch Bakery
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This hearty, savory bread is made with the Red Branch natural yeast starter and is long fermented for 12 hours. It's a perfect sandwich roll.

 Sold by the half dozen.

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Storage Tips:

  • For a softer crust, store in plastic
  • For a crunchy crust, store in paper

About This Product:

  • The product is dairy-free
  • Ingredients: unbleached all purpose flour; water; whole wheat flour; natural yeast starter (wheat flour, organic malted barley flour, water, hard red whole wheat flour, salt); salt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Donald Lowe
Fantastic bread. I love the convenience of the mini loaves!

It’s wonderful to have a local bakery that makes such fine bread! It’s also very reasonably priced. It was easy to purchase online and they brought my order out to my car right after I arrived and called them. I look forward to buying more of their products.

Brenda Brown
My husband can eat 1/2 dozen minis (actually "minis" are big) the day we get them!

We are very popular sharing our red branch treats with the neighbors in Windsor!

Laura West
Love your sourdough

It’s the best

Monica C
Yum Buns!

Delicious sourdough minis! Great size, great texture, great flavor. We hollowed ours out and put chili inside. Wish they were organic flour, though! That would make them perfect. And I’d be happy to pay more.

billie bridges

Better than expected
Thank you